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What we do

  • Work with IMG doctors, dentists, vets and vet nurses on their Interpersonal Skills and focus on the development of different ways of thinking and approaching the way they interact with their patients.
  • Provide high quality, focused training.
  • We support IMG’s as they prepare of exams such as PLAB 2, OSCE, oral exam. Any exam with a focus on Interpersonal Skills.
  • Offer training that can be done at home and in your own time as well as live, virtual workshops.
  • With live training, we offer the opportunity to practice new techniques through role play with an actor in a safe, supportive environment with constructive, individual feedback.
  • We focus on the emotions, reactions, and responses of both the doctor and patient in high pressure situations.
  • We offer constructive feedback on how the doctors’ reactions and responses made the patient feel and then look at alternatives.
  • Expert coaching and support.