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How To Improve Your Interpersonal Skills

What is this course about?

Having good communication skills are essential in building honest, trusting, and functional relationships. In the clinical environment, good communication skills allow your patients to understand information quicker and more accurately to avoid misunderstandings and frustration. 

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CPD accredited

This course is CPD accredited.

What is included?

  • Welcome
  • Non verbal Communication /Body Language
    • What does body language do?
    • Important Non verbal cues
    • Positive body language example
    • Negative body language examples
    • Non verbal communication exercise
    • ANSWERS to non verbal communication exercise
  • Verbal Communication
    • Health Literacy
    • The words we choose
    • Accent Softening
    • Creating colour in the voice
    • Extra tips
    • Verbal communication exercise
  • Active Listening
    • Active Listening
    • Tips for improving your active listening skills
    • Active listening exercise
    • ANSWERS to Active Listening Exercises
  • Open and Closed Questions
    • Open and Closed Questions
    • Open and Closed Questions Exercise
    • ANSWERS to Open and Closed Questions
    • Helpful Words and Phrases
  • Empathy
    • Perspectives
    • Empathy
    • Tips for showing Empathy
    • Empathy Exercises
    • ANSWERS to Empathy exercise
  • Consultation Reviews
    • Negative Consultation
    • Positive Consultation
  • Bous Material
    • Phone Consultation
    • Online Consultation